Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas....

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello, amazing friend...

PTI Ombre Builders, Raspberry Fizz, Berry Sorbet, Orange Zest, Summer Sunrise
Winnie and Walter Big, Bold and Happy, Big, Bold and You

Hello, Awesome Friend....

PTI Ombre Builders, Raspberry Fizz, Berry Sorbet, Orange Zest, Summer Sunrise
Winnie & Walter Big, Bold & Happy, Big, Bold & You

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Christmas to us...

Life goes on.  Sadie is still on the meds, she's got another week before we pass the 6 week mark.  She's not very keen on being touched, you have a better chance if you wake her up, you'll get in a few strokes before she growls and moves away.  We've noticed no hissing at Sassy or growling, they now sleep in the same room (our bedroom - Sadie on the bed, Sassy in the window).  Sassy is still in lock-up every night.  Carl locks her up in the laundry room when he goes to bed and if she's pooped in the litter box when he gets up, he lets her out.  Some days earlier than others.  I don't know if she's getting the idea but she's been getting out around 5 a.m. most days.  He feeds them - Sadie gets her pill in a teaspoon of food and after she's eaten that, he fills her bowl.  Sassy has been getting more knots than usual so I brush her every night and after brushing, we play.  Sadie plays around the cat tree and in our bedroom only.  We still can't get her comfortable in the family room where we spend the most time.  Sassy is almost always close to us but Sadie doesn't seem to feel the need for company.  We keep hoping that will change.  Time will tell.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Kitty jail again....

Sassy has officially gone into kitty lock-up at night.  Last night was the second night and both nights she has used the litter box.  She was also most anxious to get out of jail this morning.  The rule is, she doesn't leave jail until she poops in the litter box.  She has the run of the house all day but when Carl goes to bed, into the laundry room she goes.  About two weeks of this and she'll be good to go again.

Sadie is still less than 30 days on her medication.  December 9th would be a month and we need six weeks.  She's still untouchable most of the time.  She has been much friendlier in the past so we hope it is just the medication.  Time will tell.

October Birthday.....

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