Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vacation is looming...

We've gone back and forth about where to lock Sassy up for vacation.  Either my craft room with the desk, window seat and chair she loves or the laundry room where we can put her cat tower and it's all linoleum.  Ultimately, I think the craft room.  It's much bigger, has a window and places she already loves to be - not so much a prison like the laundry room.  Yesterday morning one of the cats got my footstool and it's one of Sassy's favorite places to sleep (will a cat soil their bed?), so we're back with the pet carrier on the footstool, as well as my chair, the spare bed is completely covered, there's carpet runner in the living room as well as boxes on the carpet where we've cleaned up messes.  The only good thing about locking Sassy up is that we can clean up all the clutter.  And, maybe it will even straighten her out.  If not, she might end up living a long and happy life in my craft room.  We also didn't feed them dinner last night.  We want to get them used to canned food just once a day for the sitter - she will come over twice a day but her hours are eratic.  Better to lose a feeding than them not knowing what time dinner is.  Breakfast will be much more consistent and they have plenty of dry food.  Sadie hasn't been eating much dinner anyway, she ignores it for quite some time after we put it down.  Sassy, the little piglet, is almost always available for meals even though she only licks the gravy and Sadie usually cleans up the rest.  Sadie didn't even miss not getting dinner last night although Sassy was by her food dish at 5:00pm.  I gave her some treats, less treats tomorrow, and probably no treats on Tuesday.  We leave on Friday and I swear, I'm going to give a thought to these cats until we come home.

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