Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back from vacation...

We were on vacation for two weeks and used the same cat sitter we've always used.  She lives in our neighborhood, comes by the house once a day, gives Sadie her medication, and spends a little time with the girls.  Sassy started hiding the first day.  Tiffany found her and tried to coax her out but she wasn't having any of it.  She was eating and....no messes to clean up.  Except for a couple of incidences, we haven't had any accidents to speak of.

Sassy was so happy to see us that she followed me everywhere for three days.  She even let me hold her - unheard of.  Our next vacation is a week in Wisconsin and we plan to take Sassy and leave Sadie.  Sadie doesn't seem to care if we are home or gone, but Sassy pines.  We take a cabin in Northern Wisconsin one week a year.  We've taken Sassy once and the reason we adopted Sadie was so Sassy could stay home and have company.  But since they really don't like each other, we'll give them a break this year.  Sassy traveled well, she slept inside her cubby the whole way up and back.

We can only hope that the potty issues are mostly resolved.  The rivalry is another matter.

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