Monday, January 19, 2015

The cats get new furniture...

In the middle of a reorganization project at home I finally decided to take the leap and order this piece of furniture for our guest bathroom.  I've always been unhappy with having an open litter box in the guest bathroom but the cats seem to like it.  I've had this box on my wish list at Amazon for about two years watching it fluctuate in price, first up, then down.  I ordered it this morning along with the recommended litter box.

I'm hoping that they'll like it.  We have already used a closed box with them, Sadie seems to like it more than Sassy but this is just one of six boxes so we can afford to experiment.  If this works, I'll get another set for the living room which isn't our main room to relax in; we have a family room we spend all our time in.  Our living room is devoted to Carl's desk and my treadmill along with the litter boxes and cat toys.  I will let you know how it works, how easy it is to clean (we clean boxes several times a day) and will post pictures when it arrives and we have it set up.

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