Thursday, August 6, 2015

Here kitty, kitty...

It's been a while since I've had an update on our garden.  The pond that we installed last spring has come into its own.  The pond plants are lush, and the fish are getting big.
This is the view from the steps to the gazebo looking west.
There is a raised bed at the back of the yard filled with butterfly and hummingbird flowers.
The fenced raised bed on the north side of the backyard contains all the plants the deer like to eat.  Honeysuckle is working its way up the old gazebo frame.
The enclosure we had built for the cats is well used.  Platforms up the sides provide plenty of room for them to sit and watch the back yard.
The enclosure is connected to the side of the house and can be entered through a pet door installed in an acrylic panel that replaced the screen in the window.  Our Persian, Sassy, learned to use the pet door almost immediately.  Our tuxedo cat, Sadie, still has not learned - the door must be pushed for her to access the enclosure.  They both spend a lot of time out there, Sassy spends the most time because she can come and go as she pleases.  We have to watch for Sadie to want to go out.  Who knew that Sassy was the smart one?

While rain was a problem early in the summer, now it's a long stretch between the rains that seem to pummel the north and south of us.   We spotted our first two monarch caterpillars on Tuesday.  The bluebirds fledged five babies in the early summer but did not nest again in either of our two bird boxes.  A small flock of turkeys have spent parts of every day in our yard for some time now.  The feed that Carl throws out every day helps to capture their attention. 

And...we've discussed a new kitten, hopefully a young male which will negate Sadie's territorial issues and give Sassy someone to play with.  Looking after the last week of September.

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