Friday, November 6, 2015

Sassy's nose is out of joint...

With three dysfunctional cats, one of the first things we do every morning is check litter boxes.  I need to know who did what where.  For the last two mornings we haven't found any poop in Sassy's puppy pad boxes.  We also didn't find any anywhere else.  We wondered if perhaps she decided to use a regular litter box (and wouldn't that be nice?).  Today Carl discovered she'd been using the cat house.  So, he cleaned it up and we put on the odor remover we got from Stanley Steemer.  We may close the door to the cat house when we go to bed, also.  She only does stuff like this at night when we can't see her.  When we're awake, she always uses her boxes.

We're finished with Twitch's ear medicine but now his head is all greasy.  I tried to clean him up yesterday morning but I didn't have enough soap on the rag (I didn't want to get it in his eyes).  I will try again this afternoon.  Petting him is like running your hands through the hair of a 60s greased head. 

Sadie pretty much stays in her room now, although she's venturing out more.  I try to make it a habit to get in there several times a day to pet and play with her.  I also give her treats and try to brush her.  Twitch is still new so she may adjust.  This will be our last cat so there are no more surprises for her.

Since we covered the pond with net we've had some glorious days in the 70s.  Somehow the frogs find their way out from under the net but, of course, are too stupid to find their way back so they sit on top of the net.  We scoop them up with the big net and put them under the pond net but the next day....  One of these days they'll be caught outside and it will get cold.  So, we watch carefully.  We wouldn't like to kill any wildlife just because we are too lazy to scoop leaves.

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