Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hi, my name is Cindy and I'm a hoarder. I've finally admitted I have a problem and now I'm trying to deal with it. Have you seen the program on hoarding? It's like a car wreck, you don't want to look, but you can't tear your gaze away from it. And yet, when I walk into my craft room I see the signs of potential trouble - my room has spilled into the hallway (just storing a couple of things there). So, I started cleaning about a week ago and have carried out 3 kitchen sized garbage cans to the garage for sorting. Things that can be recycled are placed in the recycle bin and everything else is either set aside for a garage sale or pitched. Today I found a small package of teeny tiny frogs I purchased in Wakulla Springs, Florida in January, of 2008. They were still in the bag with the receipt. When I think of all the frog cards I've sent without these little gems, I could cry. I've found calendars from 2006 (well, they might have made good backgrounds)..., tourist books from travels (they might look good scrapbooked) mats??? The list goes on. Four bags of cotton balls, a hundred acrylic boxes from purchased products (how many windows can you cut in cards, anyway?), a huge stack of wildlife magazines (which might have text I could use), enough cardboard to cover our house (it makes good die-cuts), pheasant feathers???, a big box of printed Christmas cards left over from before I started to make them - from card-making software - just fold in 4ths and mail...four packages of glossy paper so I could practice some techniques but by the time I was ready to practice, the paper was in hiding so I ordered some more...six specific scrapbooks with extra pages filled with memorabilia in a plastic pocket waiting for someday...a hash pipe belt buckle (honest, I haven't seen that in 40 years)...well, you get the idea. We evolve. I used to use Clipture clip art to print and cut out die cuts. Now I have rubber stamps and dies for use with my Cuttlebug. My early attempts to make cards seem very amateurish now.

I planned to add Magnolia Australian Tilda but she covered up too much of this image, so I will save her for another day and just go with the background.

Paper: DCWV Safari Chic, Stash; Stamps: Make it Crafty Australian House, unknown sentiment; Ribbon: Stash; Copics: [Roof C3, C7][Background B91, E33 Airbrushed][House E34, E35, E57, E47, E37, E39, B000, R24, N0][Flowers R29, G17][Trees G24, YG17, YG67]


  1. Hi, I love the show Hoarders. I am very sympathetic to the people on that show. My dad was one of those good guys out there and would buy from the people who called him. He had boxes stacked in the living room that were never opened.
    I recommend you have a Scrapbook Treasures Sale. I posted to Craigslist and got some ladies who wanted to come. I had lots and priced stuff so that it would head on to a great home. For the recycle stuff, give the local library a call. I have a friend at the library who does the children't activities and she always needs recylables,so maybe those treasures will head on to a small pair of hands. Today, I got to meet some great ladies. I have my sale for 2 days. I was able to buy an airline ticket to the mainland from Hawaii for my sister to attend her son's wedding in January. So, what I did was mark my stuff while watching tv and then I was all set. the ladies who came were wondering when I would hold another. My friend and I talked and we might do it every other month. So, those treasures can head on to a new home and you get the benefit of acquiring new scrapbook buddies.

  2. Good luck Cindy - I know the feeling, you have motivated me to start cleaning! I need to start using my stash!
    thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I closed a fully stocked shop in December last year and brought all the stuff home to my studio, i wish i had the courage to throw out a lot of the STUFF! i turfed out some boxes last week and then needed them this week to mail stock to a friend of mine :(