Saturday, April 9, 2011

Memorable Meals...

Did you ever have a meal so good that it remained in your memory forever? At least so far, forever. There may come a day I won't remember my name, but there are meals I will never forget. In Moab, Utah there was a restaurant called 'Mi Vida' which I believe means My Life. It was the home of Charlie Steen, (1919 – 2006), a geologist that made and lost a fortune after discovering a rich uranium deposit in Utah during the Uranium boom of the early 1950s. He built a home on the side of a mountain overlooking Moab. It had a switchback one lane road leading up to it so when you went to the restaurant you had to look up to see if anyone was coming down before you drove up. People at the top would wait for you to arrive before driving down. The view was fabulous. If you check the Mi Vida link above you will learn that it's now called the Sunset Grill and I can't speak for the food. The first time we ate there we had the Shrimp Scampi and it was the best we've ever eaten. We stayed in Moab three nights and ate there twice. Moab is a wonderful city to visit in the winter. We went in July and you could burn yourself opening your car door. I told my husband if one more person said 'but it's a dry heat' I was going to tear their throat out with my teeth. When it's 116 degrees, it doesn't matter if it's dry, it's HOT! I would love to visit again but not in the height of summer. There was an awesome natural area along the river that was filled with hummingbirds (and mosquitoes); we went there every evening and saw snakes, muskrats, and birds beyond number.

If you have a meal that you can't forget, please share.  We travel and we're always looking for what my husband calls "good eats" in new cities.


  1. What a gorgeous card, I love the image and how you have coloured her.
    kevin xx

  2. OMG.. how cute is this C2...adorable image.. and the background paper is so pretty!

  3. Oh my goodness! I bought this little sweety and forgot I have her!!!!
    Best meal I ever had? Sesame crusted tuna steak at Hunter's Cafe in Shellman Bluff, GA. Sadly they are under new management and the new cooks....hmmmm....not on my do-over list. So NEXT best? Old School Diner, Townsend GA...chef Jerome ROCKS!
    P.S. I actually live in Iowa and only get to visit Old School Diner once a year - but it is a hightlight!

  4. WOW! Love this stamp, would be awesome on recipe pages, will have to look for it
    Love the way you colored her.