Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visitors to our garden....

I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the visitors to our garden this summer. 
This is one of the two mature bullfrogs in our pond.  They've been singing in harmony for several weeks now and occasionally wrestling with each other.  The females don't seem to be paying much attention but what do I know about froggy hormones? 
Several days ago I was sitting outside at my little bistro table drinking coffee and surveying my kingdom.  I had a list of things that needed to be done so when I decided to head indoors to start my day I reached up to close my umbrella (because if I don't, it does a Mary Poppins to the back yard) and to my surprise, a little tree frog was on one of the struts.  Had I not noticed him, he would have been crushed when I hit the button to drop the umbrella.  Since then, I have paid more attention and we've seen several tree frogs around our deck.  One lives in the tomato  Topsy Turvey, one in the vinyl trim above the windows outside our family room.  They are much smaller than bullfrogs, about two inches long and the most beautiful greenish grey with yellow on the back legs underneath.  They also sing at night and since there are many in the trees around our house, contribute to the orchestra when we're trying to sleep with the windows open.
And today, just hours ago, we had our first bluebird egg hatch right on schedule.  Dad has been down to the box to check out the newborn.  I will check the box again this evening but they should all be hatched by tomorrow.  Now I can work on my computer and watch mom and dad arrive with insects.  Bluebirds typically fledge 16-21 days after hatching.  And hatch 12-14 days after the last egg is laid (these are right on schedule at fourteen days).  Five eggs is a normal clutch.
Hard to believe this wrinkled little bundle of bad hair will turn into a magnificent bluebird in less than 30 days, right?  I hope the wildlife wherever you are is as comfortable with you as ours seem to be with us.  I truly believe they know we mean them no harm, we just want to share the joy of life with them....and with you.

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