Friday, November 25, 2011

Markers vs. Pencils

I've got Copic markers and Memento markers and I love using them.  I'm no expert, but sometimes I get lucky.  There's definitely a learning curve and lots of teachers to help you with it.  If you check YouTube, there are hundreds of tutorials.  There are groups committed to help you with your questions.  By the same token, the same can be said of pencils.  There are many pencils on the market, I have both Prismacolor and Faber-Castell Polychromos.  You can use markers and pencils together but coloring with one is not like coloring with the other.  I find I can't hold pencils like I hold markers.  And while I can color very very lightly with pencils, I have a heavier hand with markers.  The thing I like best about pencils is you can color without bleed-through so if you want to do a plain and simple colored card without layers, pencils are king.  I can also color tiny images with pencils and can't do the same with Copics.  One other great selling point for pencils is the ease in which you erase your mistakes.  That's not happening with markers. This is one of my Christmas cards for 2011.  I used Hallmark Card Studio to print the cards using Mo Manning's digital image and adding "Happy Holidays" under it.  Hallmark Card Studio allows you to quickly create a card the size of the card you want to use, layout a digital image, add a sentiment and print it out for coloring.  This is a very simple card.  I couldn't color it with Copics because it's a single layer and I didn't want the ink to show through on the inside, so I used the pencils.  I'm still learning how to color with them but every day I get a little more comfortable.  I'm just afraid when I move back to my Copics I will have forgotten everything I know about them.  And then there's using both together - a whole new learning curve.  Which do you prefer - markers or pencils.....and why?

Paper:  Stash; Stamp:  Mo Manning digital NP employee num 5533; Viva Glitter Liner; Great Impressions Sparkling Ice Glitter; Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, Hallmark Card Studio

Snippet 12: Excerpt from Housekeeping Monthly - 13 May 1955

The Good Wife's Guide:

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  1. Gosh.. Choose... Impossible !!

    I would have to say I equally love both, I have a huge collection of pencils, prismas, faber castel, derwents, C Dach among others & I just love to use them, but i also have an equally large collection of markers, copics, shinhan, pro's, trias, and I love to use them..

    They each have their uses. If I want to use a paper which has bold strong colours then I use markers, if I need softness and the look of texture I use my pencils and choose the blender depending upon the texture I want to recreate.

    That said, if I want to colour something just for the sake of imersing myself and chilling out, its my pencils i reach for, they are my chocolate or comfort food, put a paper stump in my hand and I tend to get totally focused on the blending and softness of the colours.


  2. I use both, for quick work you cant beat a marker, but if I want a really great outcome I use pencils, some baby oil and a paper stump. You cant beat the end result.