Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby, oh baby...

My husband and I are getting old enough that we don't know anybody having babies these days.  My daughter is also of an age that her friends are finished having theirs.  My oldest grandson has decided he NEVER wants children.  I think that comes from an incident when my youngest grandson was an infant and the oldest was changing his diaper.  The youngest peed right up his nose.  The way the oldest was screaming, I thought the baby died.  When we found out what happened, my daughter and I both cracked up, but the oldest grandson was scarred for life.  He likes playing with children, but is adamant that he not have any of his own and I'm guessing he no longer changes diapers.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh what a gorgeous image and card.
    Chris x

  2. so sweet
    jack in naples

  3. AW POOR LAD!!!arent children funny, the card is gorgeous hun so sweet xxxx

  4. So very sweet. Love the story about your grandson!

  5. Amazing!
    How do you sew? Hand or machine?