Monday, February 20, 2012

Open letter to Provo Craft...

Dear Provo Craft:  I just heard that you are again suing MTC (and for something they aren't even doing). See story here.  It seems it would be better business sense to improve your products so people wouldn't want to use MTC than to sue every small business that you've decided infringes on your products.  You continue to shoot yourself in the foot and I can't understand why.  When you realize that other companies have better products than you do, you would be wise to emulate them, not sue them.  You started out as a leader in the industry and are going to go the way of Kodak.  As a company that wants to earn a profit, you would also be wise to give customers what they want - Netflix found that out the hard way.  I don't think it will take an asteroid to put your dinosaur company out of business, I think your lawyers will do that for you.  Too bad.  I have spent a lot of money with your company.  I have 106 cartridges, a Cricut Expression and a Cricut Cake.  I also own Design Studio and have purchased an Expression and cartridges for my daughter.  But as of today, you get no more of my dollars.  NOT ONE PENNY.  My Cameo now sits on my work surface and MTC resides on my computer.  And, I suspect I won't be the only one bailing from your company.  Most people who use MTC to cut to a Cricut machine will learn in time that it's the least efficient of the machines on the market and as money permits will order something else.  Your loss.


  1. Good for you Cindy. It's about time someone spoke up. I'm proud of you. I have a lot of friends who feel the same way.

    Portland, OR

  2. I agree, I have not purchased any PC product since March 16, 2011 when the settlement was posted on the MTC forum. I can buy mats and blades from other vendors that fit my Expression. I purchased my Cricut Expression just to cut wth MTC. I love MTC and I also own 10 cartridges, But as of the end of May 2012 when I pay for and recieve my new Bosskut Gazelle. I will be selling my Cricut Expression and all the cartirdges and will be free of any PC product in my home. YIPPEE.

    in WA state