Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back in the saddle again.....

I've been playing with the new Sizzix Pop-Up dies and enjoying how quickly you can put a card together.  I think the best part of this card is the paper.  These cards are a wonderful use for that card stock with patterns too big for A2 cards.  The flowers in the center were cut with my Cameo - I can't remember where I found the file, it isn't mine.  I wasn't writing down my recipe when I created this card, I was just playing with a new die but I like the way it turned out and will probably send it out as a Christmas card this year.


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    A very lovely card, Cindy. One of the things I so enjoy about your blog is that your such a versatile card maker. I get to see many styles of cards and they're all beautiful and well done.

    I hope the Prozac works for Sassy. Like you said it would be so much easier if we could just ask our pets what was wrong. I had my grand dog here last night. He'd had his hair cut and it was cold out, but I'd put a warm sweater on him and had the heat on. He laid in the middle of the living room floor and moaned for a couple hours while we tried to figure out what was causing this very unusual behavior. We were thinking he was sick or in pain. It turned out that he wanted to get in our bed. Why he didn't go to the bedroom door and ask in there is beyond me. Sigh.

  2. Whoop idee doo dah for Prozac! Those boughts of speed running are just the normal kitty crazies. They get bored sometimes.

    I have never heard of pill pockets! What a fabulous idea! Will remember that for our next session with any meds. TY!!

    As Sassy calms & trusts, she'll become more affectionate. Right now - it's trust. I'm pretty sure she understands that you're not out to "get" her, just trying to help. She's giving you access in exchange. Cats are so very sweet when they open up & get all baby doll eyed with you!


    D :)