Friday, November 23, 2012

So stuffed.....

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We had the whole feast including two turkey breasts so we had plenty of left-overs.  I have been working on an order of 50 Christmas cards for a dear friend.  I finished them last night, late.  I have labels to print and then I can deliver them - a really good thing since we might be leaving for Florida the first week in December.  Yesterday was a really pretty day for late November, today, not so much.  Very cold and very windy - I know - I had to fill the bird feeders this morning.

Sassy Update:  We had invested in a Cat Attract cat litter from PetSmart and filled one of the cat boxes in the living room with it.  We have three boxes, two on one level and one on another level.  She has used the single box once.  She uses the multiple boxes daily.  We refilled the Feliway and now have three dispensers throughout the house.  She doesn't spend much time in the basement, only going down there when one of us does or to chase a ball.
We went five whole days without an accident but had one this morning.  Luckily she is still using the waterproof pad so clean up is simple, but still....  She's a young cat, we can't spend the next ten years cleaning up messes.  So, today I started her on the Kitty Prozac, half a tablet a day.  She hates it and we'll have the devil to pay when we try to catch her tomorrow.  She has an inherent distrust of us and it takes days of no meds or eye wiping to be able to stroke her and she always cries when we pick her up like she fears something really bad is going to happen.  I'm still worried about her left eye which leaks copiously.  The vet ruled out infection in the eye but after research, I've discovered it could be a blocked tear duct or inwardly growing eyelashes.  It has to be uncomfortable but we don't have a cat ophthalmologist nearby.   I doubt that's causing the problems with her missing the cat box but cats are weird so you never know.  If the Prozac doesn't work, next is confining her to the travel cage which is truly a last resort for us.  I can't help but think there is still something going on with her.  She knows where the potty area is, she always uses it.  She's within six or eight inches of the cat box when she makes her mess.  One thing we've noticed is when she poops in her cat box, it's a relatively small deposit but when she poops outside the box, it's a major effort.  She also backs her butt up to the side of the box to go to the bathroom, as if touching the box triggers release.  These things could be factors or maybe not.  At this point we're just walking in the dark.  We have at least a week until we leave for Florida to test the Prozac.  Stay tuned....


  1. Glad to hear your Thanks giving was enjoyable Cindy, the card is beautiful, I love the scene, I hope things work out ok for the cat.
    Kevin xx

  2. WE have an asthmatic cat and must give her a pill every other day. Daughter is a vet tech and told us about Pill Pockets. It is a soft morsel with a hole in one end where you put in the pill the pinch it closed and give it to her with her food. It has worked like a charm. They come in a foil pouch and have a couple different flavors...Hopefully you have a pet store in the area that carries them.
    Lu C

  3. Another grgeous card! I'm really loving these cards you're making with only stamping. So beautiful and a great reminder of what can be done with our stamps.