Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just reporting in...

No messes since the last report.  Both cats are using the covered boxes more than the uncovered ones.  Not sure what's up with that.  Sadie decided all of a sudden that she liked being brushed (on her terms).  I've taken a brush to our bedroom along with an empty tissue box (we save cat hair for the titmice nests in the spring, we put the hair in a suet feeder) and I've brushed her every day for four days, I get lots of hair in the brush.  She's kind of gotten into a routine with me.  Carl usually gets up first, feeds the cats, makes coffee and brings in the paper.  Sadie wakes me up after the coffee is done and leads me to the bathroom.  Sometimes she lets me pick her up and she purrs; when we leave the bathroom she heads either back into our bedroom to her perch or downstairs to finish her breakfast.   She's still bi-polar, purring one second and growling the next.  Sometimes she's very sweet with Carl and sometimes she hisses.  It's been fourteen months since we got her and Sassy and Sadie are no closer to being actual friends than when we got Sadie.  We haven't had any fights in a long time, they just walk wide around each other.  Sadie is clearly unhappy about the windows being closed due to the heat and humidity here.  Days in the 90s are not my cup of tea, we keep the house cooler and just venture out for yard work in the early morning and late afternoon.  Sadie runs from window to window and after making the rounds a couple of times, settles down to nap.  Next week we may be able to open them for a while, fingers crossed.

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