Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A breakthrough...

This morning I was playing with Sadie on our bed.  We have a wand with a string attached to a green fuzzie (kind of like a boa).  Sadie likes the wand and will attack it on the bed if you move it around.  This is new behavior for her.  In the past if Sadie was fixated on something like the wand, you didn't dare touch her, this morning I actually was able to pet her while she was on the bed and she did not attack me.  Bazinga!  The second thing that happened was Sassy went to our bedroom door and meowed and meowed.  A second later she came running down the hallway with a black streak behind her.  Sadie was actually chasing her.  Sassy veered off in my craft room and Sadie kept running to the window seat in my craft room.  They are both gone now, but there has been no growling or hissing.  Our most fervent wish is that they would become friends.  Fingers crossed.

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