Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disappearing tomatoes...

OK, so I'm sitting at the computer this morning very early. My husband has already left for work and I'm still in my jammies. Out of the corner of my eye and through the window I see a car stop very quickly in the road and back up. Being a curious sort, I get up and look to my left out the window and I see a guy in the car looking at something in our back yard. Now, we get all kinds of critters in our yard so I walk down a level and out the dining room to to the deck and look into the back yard. There, I see a doe with the fawn that used to be really cute feasting on my cherry tomato plants. We figured the tomatoes had been decimated by the deer because one of the Topsy Turvy containers hanging from the deck is too high for rabbits to reach and something had really done a "Cilco" job on it. (Cilco is our local power company. When they trim a tree around a power line, they really hack the heck out of it. They rarely look like trees again, most look like hairstyles from Mad Magazine.) So, it's nice to have proof that the fawn that used to generate an "awwww" from me is now reduced to that $%^&*)%$#%^&*($#$%^&&* deer that's eating my tomatoes.


  1. AWESOME card - I love everything about it!!!!! Thanks for sharing!