Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Didja ever?...

Before I share my day, I'd like to offer an apology for the necessary extra step in commenting on my blog. I had to add the word verification feature to stop people from offering to sell me anatomy enhancements for anatomy I don't even have. I hope you don't mind.

Didja ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing goes right? I left the house this morning in a really good mood to run a couple of errands. I had a small package to mail at the post office, I needed to deposit two checks from containers I sold over the holidays, I needed to fill up the gas tank and lastly, stop at the grocery store for a dessert for movie Tuesday. OK, first stop: the post office in the small town south of my population 300 +/- village, park the car, walk across the street, it's not open yet. So, I go to the ATM. The machine takes my checks but when I go to make a withdrawal for gas, the machine groans, grinds, pings and finally spits out a notice that it can't oblige me. Well, that's a bummer, but there's another machine just a mile down the road, so off I go. This machine puts the big clock in the display panel that says "just a moment" and after having made no noise, flashes a sign that my withdrawal just won't be possible. So, I pull into the teeny tiny Credit Union building next to the ATM, get out, lock the car - and find out I'm 20 minutes early. Drat! So, I sit for 20 minutes (listening to my new Nota CD which rocks), finally get inside and get my money. Then I head to the gas station for gas. Getting gas goes well; inside I try to get a cup of English Toffee coffee and the machine spits up all over me. Double Drat. Ron, the owner, finagles the Cappuchino machine until it works, I get my coffee and head for the post office. There I wait in a line of four people while both of the tellers have conversations with the customers. Their business is clearly finished, they're just chatting - hazards of a post office in a tiny town. On the way home there's a railroad bridge I pass under and just outside it had a 'Bump' sign that I'd not seen before. Bump, my great aunties' panties, it was a hole in the pavement the size of a laundry basket which rattled my car and spilt my coffee. TRIPLE DRAT - FINALLY, I'm just a block from home when I realize - I DIDN'T GO TO THE GROCERY STORE. FUDGE! Maybe I'll try that tomorrow - or we'll have tangerines for dessert, my hips would love that. (On a completely unrelated note, when my grandmother said 'Fudge', we all bailed out the nearest exit - it meant someone was about to die. I'll share what happened when she said it about me in a later post.)


  1. Love yur beautiful boxes. landed up here through feline playful. Happy new year!!

  2. Hi there! just stopping by from Feline PLayful, I must say your story made me giggle! I have days like those quite often so I know where you're coming from! Gemma :) x

  3. I hope you have a better day tomorrow xx

    I have become a follower and am visiting from feline playful

    laura x

  4. Sorry you had a bad day, I'm sure we can all relate to days like those. I'm visiting from Feline Playful, your work is just lovely.

  5. Sorry about your day, but I love the box. I keep getting spam as well, so I had to keep my verification on.

  6. Hi I am from Feline Playful blog.
    I am a new Followers of your blog.
    Your blog is beautiful.
    Hugs Karla

  7. And yet, somehow, you had a pumpkin pie yesterday, but I was not hungry enough to eat any. I feel kinda guilty ~~~

  8. Read your little storie !
    You can indeed have some of those days where everything goes wrong :)
    I love your box !
    Lovely colour too!
    Saw your card in the previous post and it's georgeous !

  9. Love your creation!! so creative!!!.....thanks for the kind comments on my blog!!!....look forward to see wht you make with your new stamps LOL!!!!! sorry for putting temptation in your way! Hugs Juls

  10. Love this! Came over from Feline Playful, I'm already a follower but wanted to pop in and say hi!

    I get the enhancement sales pitches too but they seem to only pick on my older postings so I only have those moderated :)

  11. Ohmygosh, what a day! I love the English Toffee Coffee! So sorry it spilled. I love the box you made...do you have a tutorial you would like to share!! Became a follower Will see you at Feline blog for the challenges! Hugz PS. Became a follower