Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a great weekend....

Ruthann and I took a bus trip to Chicago on Saturday to see Wicked. I saw it for the third time, she saw it for the first. It's wonderful to share something you love with someone simpatico. We had decent seats in the balcony at the Cadillac Palace Theater, shopped and had dinner at Macys. I saw some dinnerware to die for. I'm drawn to square plates for some reason and there was a set with Lillies on them that I loved. We traveled by a Peoria Charter Bus driven by Jeff. He negotiates downtown Chicago with a better humor than my husband does. Our host, Kathy, with a "K", was a veritable feast of information on Chicago. She shared a story that I will pass on to you.

Al Capone had an accountant named Fast Eddie. Fast Eddie had a young son and started to worry about the role model he was to his boy. He was instrumental in Al Capone's conviction and may have ultimately lost his life because of it. His son grew up and became a pilot in the Pacific Theater during the second World War. He was alone in the sky when he ran into seven Japanese planes intent on bombing a US battleship. Fast Eddie's son shot down 6 of them and was out of ammunition. He crashed his plane into the seventh to stop it. Fast Eddie's son was Butch O'Hare and Chicago named their airport for him. It reminded me that I know so little of the history of one of our biggest cities, so I took her advice and bought a book on Chicago at Barbara's Book Store in Macy's.

So, that's my big news. Hope your weekend, where ever you are, was as good. Hugs...


  1. It was an ab fab trip. Who could ask for anything more?! We shopped, ate and watched an amazing show. Je-f-f and Kathy, with a K, made it all the better! Thanks for asking me to go. If you ever need a friend to do that again, just remember, I'm already broken in.

  2. There is nothing like a trip to the Windy Cindy. You really packed it all in! Culture, history, shopping, dining, friends, and square plates!
    Thanks for the story behind O'Hare Airport. Many a stop there...never gave a thought to the person behind the name. I love a little edification in the morning!