Sunday, July 3, 2011

My garden....warts and all....part quattro...

In the distance you can see the raised bed.  This is the right side of the house.  There are three pots with dracena in them and lots of mulch.  There is another plow we found in Lacon and another rain barrel.  I use this rain barrel to water the plants in front of the house.
There is also a ground level bird bath next to the rain barrel.  The bluebird house is to the right of this rain barrel and under the crabapple tree.
This is our new front door.  It has a calla lily on it and was just installed last month.  The Norfolk Island Pine comes into the house in the late fall.
My husband made the white bench the birdhouse is sitting on.  There is a wire sculpture next to seven Autumn Joy Sedum and a hydrangea.  A wren house hangs on a shepherd's hook next to the window and the frog is riding a bicycle.
The flower bed that runs next to our sidewalk is filled with violets, Autumn Joy Sedum, asiatic lilies, oriental lilies, and turk's cap.  There's a small (so far) trumpet vine in the center, beautiful yellow iris, and a large patch of yellow tulips in the early spring.
And we're back to the driveway again.  Just one more area to show you....

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