Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Please answer this question.....

My husband and I were watching John Stewart ragging on Illinois Wednesday night.  We were laughing because it kept us from crying but I'm sure the rest of the country was laughing because he wasn't talking about their state.  Then he turned to Fox News and the on-going feud they have going.  He showed a bunch of his silliest voices, one of which sounded just like Nathan Lane in Birdcage.  I mentioned to my husband how much I enjoy Nathan Lane and if I was hosting a dinner party, I'd love to invite him.  That got me to thinking about the ultimate dinner party and my question.  You are hosting an elegant dinner party for six people and you can invite anyone, alive or dead.  Who do you invite and why?  I would invite:

1.  Sitting Bull - so I could get the other side of the story.
2.  Nathan Lane.  I think he would be wonderfully amusing.
3.  Cleopatra - I want to worship at her feet.
4.  Timothy Hutton - I was in love with his dad, now I'm in love with him.  I never miss an episode of Leverage.
5.  Dean Martin - I have every one of his albums and he can tend bar.
6.  My husband - wouldn't be a party without him.

So, give it some thought and come back and tell me who and why.  You may even comment on my selection.

1 comment:

  1. 1. David Suchet in full Hercule Poirot character, so he can solve the murder that would certainly happen.
    2.Cary Grant, just so I can look at him and listen to his delightful accent as he amuses us with stories of his life.
    3. Mae West, she needs no reason to be invited, she's Mae West! I'll peel her a grape!
    4.Jacques Torres, because he does the most amazing things with chocolate.
    5.Marilyn Monroe, because I want to know the seriously beautiful person she was inside.
    6. My husband, 'cuz it's not a party without the quiet man who comes up with some real doozies, but you gotta be listening very closely!