Thursday, October 6, 2011

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax....

My husband and I have been on vacation.  I will share some pictures with you soon.  Over Labor Day week, my husband and I traveled to Land O Lakes, Wisconsin for a week on Lac Vieux Desert.  We rent the same cottage every year, it's right on the lake so we can sit on the porch and watch the eagles fly by.  My hubs the photographer is on the go, early morning to late afternoon taking pictures.  Up to Copper Harbor, all over Nicolet National Forest and waterfalls in between.  I may share some of his photos also because he's a great photographer, I'm just a 'point and shooter'.

We were in Wisconsin for one week, came home for five days and took off again for Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.  That trip wasn't so smooth.  Apparently we cracked the flywheel in our car.  If you are ever in Livingston, Montana and your car breaks down - Yellowstone Country Motors is the place to take it.  Not only do they have the best service department people, but they have rentals to use while they have your car.  When we got to the dealership, we thought it might be a valve; this according to a mechanic in the park.  The service manager at Yellowstone Country Motors thought it sounded like a main bearing but couldn't be sure until he took it apart.  We spent the night in Livingston waiting for the return of a rental Jeep but since it didn't show up the next day, we grabbed an Infinity and took off back to the park.  Dave called us while we were relaxing with friends in Bozeman, Montana and gave us the news about the cracked flywheel.  We kept the rental until the day we needed to head home and picked up our unrepaired car.  Dave said that if we took it easy going home, it should get us home ok.  He was right.  For the diagnostics and the car rental, they charged us $175.00.

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