Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poor poor pitiful me...

With an apology to Linda Ronstadt, I'm in the middle of a pity party.  We finally finished our last trip until Christmas and I fire up my computer so I can print out some of the fabulous winter backgrounds from Make It Crafty and guess what?  My computer is hosed AGAIN.  My husband dropped it off at the computer doctor yesterday and I haven't heard word one.  All of my images and card pictures are on the hard drive so they will be available when we use it for travel.  However, since the purchase of our little Acer Netbook, we haven't lugged my gazillion pound laptop around and I haven't moved those files to my external drive yet.  I take a flash drive to download those things I need to transfer to my 'real' computer.  The Netbook is fabulous for e-mail, it weighs next to nothing and can be packed in between stacks of clothes in a suitcase.  And I can blog with it.  The thing I can't do is hook it to any of my equipment like my printer, scanner or Cricut because I don't have the software.  And I can't download any of the fabulous cards (just kidding) that I've made recently.  And I don't know if any of those files will still be on my computer when it returns.  Thus, the pity party (with chocolate cupcakes).

But I have a tip for you today.  If you haven't tasted Heavenly Pears (Asian Pears), you are in for such a treat that your mouth will thank you.  They're expensive.  Our Kroger was selling them for $1.00/each but a few years ago someone bought some acreage on the bluff not far from us and planted an orchard.  The pears ripen in late September and October.  They're shaped like an apple and have the texture of an apple.  They are crisp even when ripe, unlike most pears which are soft.  They are juicy and crunchy and have totally replaced apples in our house.  I researched on the internet and found you can store them for a couple of months if you pack them correctly so we plan to buy enough to make it through Christmas.  I haven't cooked with them yet because they're fabulous to eat just off the tree.  If you can find them, I recommend them wholeheartedly. 

And as soon as I get my 'real' computer back, I'll be blogging about our trip to Wisconsin, our trip to Yellowstone National Park and our last trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, complete with pictures.  It's good to be home, the more we travel, the more I love my bed...

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