Wednesday, December 28, 2011

White Christmas ....

I've heard that there wasn't any snow back home so thought I would send some 'white' north.  This is the Southern most tip of the United States in Key West at the end of Duvall Street.  We ate breakfast this morning in the restaurant behind the beach chairs.  Life is good here.  The frozen margaritas are spectacular, the sunsets beyond compare and Jimmy Buffet is no where to be found.  There are also a gazillion people in a town made to hold a few thousand.  There is very little parking for cars so when you find a parking spot it's similar to winning the lottery.  Somehow it wasn't the sleepy palm covered town I envisioned.  I don't know where I get my preconceptions but the one I had does not match the reality of being here.  There aren't many beaches here to lounge on, we couldn't find any wildlife that wasn't drinking and every picture would have a person in it.  So, we've visited, we've eaten decent food (I had yellowfin for dinner last night and it was superb), we've had a few frozen drinks and we're heading north in the morning.  Back to the Everglades where we belong.  Strange that we should come here, we like wide open spaces, lots of wildlife, small crowds and no traffic.  If you like fishing and water sports, this is the place to come.  If you like peace and quiet, stay far far away.


  1. Another time of year might be better. Your story is interesting, as always. Have a frozen "drink" for me and it better not be lemonade. Jack from Naples

  2. We got married in the FL Keys. Love it there! I'm glad you're having a fab time!!

  3. Still no snow but love the frozen margs. Idea ...and what's not to love about Jimmy B?