Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My take on Spectrum noir markers

I'm of mixed emotions about these alcohol markers.  On the one hand, I love the tips.  If you like coloring Penny Black like I do, Copic Sketch markers are a little big for staying in the lines.  On the other hand, they are seriously hard to open, in some cases I have pulled the entire end off of a pen exposing the inside due to tightness.  I have arthritis in both hands and carpal in my right wrist.  I can't color as long with the Spectrums due to the stress of opening them on my hands.  And they're much larger around than the Copics Sketches, harder to hold and harder on my wrist.  I find I get 'writer's cramp' much faster with the Spectrums than the Copics.  Of course, it could be I'm used to holding the Copics and I may get used to the Spectrums in time.  It's also awkward to change back and forth.  The Noir's are very hard to open and when switching to the Copics, I find I pull the Copic caps much harder than I need to.  Then, when I go back to the Noir's, I'm not pulling as hard as needed to get their caps off.  What I do love about the Spectrums is they blend as well as the Copics, the tips get into really small spaces.

Even though I like the Noir colors, I won't be replacing my Copics with them.  I think I will use them to supplement my Copics and for the occasional tiny image.

Beckett Radiance, Recollections card stock
Penny Black Stamp, JustRite Times New Roman Font - 25 pt.
IG2, GB8, IG6, TB5, PL1, PP5, PL5, OR1, PP1, Blender


  1. thanks for the review
    I haven't invested in copics yet and when I saw these and how much cheaper I could get them I was interested in seeing some comments as this .. for me not using copics I think the size of the pen wouldn't matter

  2. Handy to know darlin I was gonna try them but I may stick to my copics, although they are a lot more expensive xxx

  3. Thanks for the great review, Cindy. I especially appreciate knowing about the caps, because that would be a problem for me also.

    Your Easter card is darling. :)