Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Did you ever have one of those days?

My poor husband had a really bad day yesterday.  He had been waiting to hear about the stain he'd ordered from a hardware store; it has been four days and was due in but no word.  So, he called the hardware store and was told that the employee who ordered his stain was unavailable but they would try to reach him by phone.  There were only two cans of the original Cabot clear stain he used on the deck (which is all done except the floor).  When he purchased it he was told that it would only take a couple of days to get more if he needed it.  Unfortunately he really under-estimated the amount of stain this old wood would take so he was back to the hardware store in two days to order more.  When the employee plugged the number into the computer he discovered that Illinois no longer allowed that particular Cabot stain to be sold.  The employee found something else he thought would work and ordered it.  My husband even received a call that it would be in the store at the end of the week.  So, when he didn't hear on Friday, he called.  When he hadn't heard back in an hour he decided to run up to Kentucky Fried Chicken to get a bucket for dinner.  We live in the boonies so it's a forty minute trip to KFC.  While he was gone, I got the call from the hardware store.  The clerk went through the whole "can't sell that Cabot stain in Illinois anymore" which we already knew and the replacement stain could not be ordered either.  Which caused me to ask why we weren't notified.  How long did they expect us to wait for the stain that had not been ordered?  Of course, the clerk that called didn't have any idea and I'm guessing we're crossing that hardware store off of our places to buy stuff.  I didn't relish telling hubs, he's really mild mannered until something like this happens.  When he got home, I let him know what the clerk said and also gave him a number for the Pro Corner at Cabot stain so he could ask what he was supposed to do now that 1/3 of the deck/gazebo product was already stained with a product he can no longer get.

While dishing up our meal he discovered only nine pieces of chicken in the twelve piece bucket he paid for.  He's already mad, right?  It would cost too much gas to run back to KFC (which maybe is what they count on) so I registered a complaint on the KFC website but haven't heard from them either.  UPDATE:  We heard from the regional manager at KFC.  She offered us a free meal with a dessert cake, so three thumbs up to KFC.  I probably would not have even registered a complaint except it was 'one of those days'.

While he stewed over that, we put in a movie he purchased at Walmart just two days ago - My Fair Lady.  It started up with the CBS Logo, showed the "illegal to pirate" text and just stopped.  We cleaned it, tried to fast forward it, tried the menu, started and stopped it several times, it always stopped on exactly the same place.  And that capped it.  When he couldn't find the receipt so we could take the video back, he shut down.

This morning he called Cabot to ask what he was supposed to do now and was told that the stain he's already covered most of the deck with is a base that is supposed to have color added to it.  In the clear state it's supposed to last only six months.  Tinted it will last up to six years.  Of course, he applied it clear but in reading the can, nowhere does it state it needs to be tinted.  The Cabot employee he spoke to said they didn't know what happened with the labeling, but the information they had said it needed to be tinted.  He left for a meeting his morning fuming and the deck/gazebo project is on hold for the moment.

This card would have been more appropriate to my story if it had said "Poor Baby".  The card stock is Recollections and Beckett Radiance, the striped paper is from my stash.  I used Spellbinder's Label Sixteen and PTI's Sweet Baby stamp set and die.  I'm getting ready for a craft sale in May and I'm trying to make 'saleable' cards.

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  1. Darling card, Cindy. I love the striped face!

    Sounds like your hubby needs lots of extra tlc after his bad day and maybe a special card. It makes a bad situation even worse when you can't get a decent response from customer service.