Friday, April 13, 2012

From this window....April 13...

We actually had a really nice spring day today.  Highs in the 60s with lots of sunshine, but a cool wind.  Hubs was working on the deer net around the raised bed.  Our deer like sunflowers more than we like New York Strip steak.  If we don't fence them out, they'll eat every sunflower that emerges from the ground.  If we can get them about five feet high, the deer don't like them anymore.  Every year it's a battle to keep some of the sunflowers for the birds.  Plants are germinating in the greenhouse even though we've had to keep the heater on several nights this week.  Sprouting are zinnias (11 colors), cosmos, salvia, tithonia, California Wonder Green Peppers, Dill and three kinds of tomatoes.  Waiting to be planted are Moon Flower Vines and Cardinal Vines.  I already have orders for them from people who live in our village.  In my walk-about I saw that the iris has buds, the peonies have buds, the Wiegelas both have buds, the balloon flowers are spreading like wildfire, the water lilies are now sending up buds (we have both white and dark pink), the Chinese Wisteria has buds on it.  The trumpet vine lost all its leaves during the recent frost, I'm hoping it recovers.  It was a slip we brought from Carl's parent's house after his mother died and I would hate to lose it.  The wisteria has put out a new vine that we'll dig up and plant on the frame of the old deck canopy as soon as Carl reassembles it in the backyard.  I plan to put my chaise lounge under it and spend many delightful hours reading there.  The male bluebird was singing in the backyard this afternoon but I didn't see him near either of the bird houses, we're still hoping he'll use one of the boxes, hardly anything makes me happier than bluebirds in the yard.


  1. This is beautiful Cindy, the image is gorgeous and I love the sentiment.
    Kevin xx

  2. I do enjoy your outdoor updates, Cindy. I always stop by and read them, even though I don't comment at times due to being in a hurry or too tired. Your card is so lovely. It perfectly captures the essence of the image.