Sunday, April 22, 2012

When 5 year olds make commercials....

There is a commercial I've seen many times on television that I'm convinced was made by a five year old (although that may be doing a disservice to five years olds).  The commercial is for a product called CapTel by Sprint.  It starts with a dad on the phone to his daughter, "Hello, dad, it's been a long time."  Dad says, "I couldn't hear on the phone so I stopped calling."  Daughter says, "How are you able to call me now?" And then dad talks about the product.  First of all, if my dad suddenly stopped calling or answering the phone, I'd be at his house to find out why.  I would not be waiting for him to discover some product that made it easier for him to use the phone.  This commercial is one of the reasons I have to record TV shows I want to watch.  If I'm watching live, it's just background noise, I'm not really watching.  When I watch a recorded show, I fast forward past the commercials because some of them just drive me insane and the CapTel commercial is currently at the top of my list.  Any commercials drive you crazy?  Feel free to vent here.


  1. One main commercial that irrated me was a Progressive one...generally they're cute, but the one with the man carrying the purse b/c it's the European thing to family thought it was cute...I couldn't stand it...guess what, complaining to the company and investment company hasn't been on for almost a year. I believe these commercials are written by morans.

  2. Such a cute card, really great. I also agree with your thoughts on the stupid commercial. I thought the same thing when I first saw it...he had to tell his daughter why he quit calling, and she didn't know???? Also thanks for the freebies!

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