Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Carl and I left for vacation on June 11 heading for Yellowstone, Moab, Durango and then home.  We left Sadie the run of the living room and upper floor, Sassy got the rest of the house.  All was well until the 19th when our sitter told us Sassy used my yellow chair as a litter box, next was the really expensive spread in the spare room and then the yellow chair with the cushion removed.  So, Sassy has been locked up until our return on July 2nd when we will start training all over again.  She had not had an accident since mid-April and we are really discouraged about the set back.  Sadie on the other hand, is a delight.  The girls cat sitting love her and she loves them.  Sassy hid under the bed in the spare room until she was locked up and I've been told she's more friendly now that they can get to her.

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