Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sadie is exploring....

We're still separating the girls at night, still spending a couple of hours a day playing with the two of them in the same room, still squirting Sassy on occasion.  But Sadie is out and about when the gate is down and the last time Sassy chased her up the stairs into our bedroom, Sassy came right back down and Sadie followed her.  I would so love to just store the gate in the garage and be done with it but we still have fears that Sassy will trap Sadie someplace and Sadie won't be able to get to her food or her litter box.  This actually happened once early in the relationship and it must have been humiliating for Sadie who is such a very good girl.

We are going to meet the young ladies that will be taking care of our girls the last half of our vacation; the first half will be covered by our usual sitters, Tiffany and her children.  As a big gift to me, Carl is letting me have the house cleaned while we are gone.  I've never had a house professionally cleaned before and am excited to come home to a sparkling house.  And maybe, the girls will be bffs by then.  Well, a 'mother' can dream, right?

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