Friday, March 14, 2014

Kill the screen, kill the screen...

I can't find any pictures but last year Sadie tore up all the screens she could get to.  The two in the picture window in the living room, the two in the family room windows and the one in my craft room.  I suspect the craft room window was playing with moths at night but the other four were either caused by the stray cat that comes around (Carl caught the stray cat hanging from one of the windows last year) or caused by Sadie trying to get to the stray cat that comes around.  I did some research on the web and discovered Pet Screen.  It's much denser than regular screen and we've tried both wire and nylon (she ripped through the nylon like it wasn't even there).  The view through pet screen isn't as sharp as regular screen, and if you just hold it up, it's black instead of silver colored.  But it gets rave reviews for being sturdy.  Carl has redone all the screens and purchased enough for the patio door and we're thinking about the gazebo.  We want to take Sadie out when the gazebo is cleaned and let her visit with nature.  But we don't want her tearing a hole in a screen and getting loose.  On a bright note, I saw the male bluebird at the nest box outside my craft room window yesterday and the snow is starting to melt a little.

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