Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thoughts on "My Cat From Hell"....

Saturday morning and a TV wasteland.  My Cat from Hell on the Animal Planet is always a good time, it's nice to see people having more trouble with their cats than we do.  One of the shows had a couple that made me yell at the TV.  California airhead blond (Khrys) with really big lungs was living with a really nice guy (Michael).  Her cat, but she would not clean up after it, feed it or chase it when it got loose.  "That's a guy's job", she said as she tossed her hair.  Her job was to love on the cat, his job was to discipline it and they couldn't figure out why the cat peed on his stuff all the time.  When Jackson said they needed to reverse roles you could see Michael visibly relax.  She was supposed to have the cat neutered, "Aw, I hate to have that done to him".  She had to work, Michael took the cat to the vet.  She finally did get the cat to the vet to be chipped but she was, like, an hour late.  When the show was over, I figured she must be really good in bed for him to take on the problem cat just to stay with her, even wearing clothes covered with cat pee.  WTH?  Maybe I'm jealous.  Yeah, I'm probably jealous.  Never mind.

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