Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kill the rope...

Sadie learns more about being a cat every day.  For the first time ever,  she did a hide and pounce on the rope in the bedroom.  I've tied the rope to the closet door knob and she's awakened us in the middle of the night playing with it.  We've been trying to cover the area in the living room where Sassy likes to poop (it's within a foot of the litter box).  I bought a box of puppy pads which work well with Sassy but Sadie likes to pee on plastic.  Since they're puppy pads that isn't a problem but she'll pee on plastic bags, in plastic tubs, etc. and we don't want to encourage that.  So, I covered the puppy pads with newspaper but you can't fool Sadie, she knows there is plastic under the newspaper.  So, we removed it all and we've back to carpet again.  Next thing I want to try is old dish towels on top of the puppy pads. 

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