Sunday, July 20, 2014

This is odd....

This morning we opened the family room window with the window seat for Sadie.  She will sit on the back of my husband's chair and wait for someone to open the drapes and the window.  Carl usually only opens the drapes far enough to allow her to access the window seat so he did that.  We settled back to read the paper and I heard scratching.  When I turned to look Sassy was in the other window (there are two windows side by side with a window ledge - the right window has a seat attached, the left window does not).  There they were, side by side, not an arm's length away from each other.  They have been sleeping in the same room, too.

I came upstairs to check e-mail and Facebook.  Sassy came up with me and settled on the window seat in my craft room.  It's fairly large consisting of three plastic storage drawers with a large piece of plywood wrapped in a blanket on top of it.  It's sturdy and provides room for Sassy to play with the ghosts she likes to chase in circles.  While I was checking an e-mail Sadie jumped up next to Sassy.  To be honest, she only stayed five minutes but....

I expect by the time they are old ladies, they will be closer than they are now.  Maybe.

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