Monday, February 2, 2015

About Sadie...

We've been having some issues with Sadie (with Sassy, too, but that's for another day).  She's been pooping tiny amounts, about the size of a peanut, two in this box - and later, two in another box.  Some are drop offs on the floor but always small.  Sadie is a big eater, she eats wet food and dry food, both hers and what Sassy leaves, so a lot in should equal a lot out.  Carl called my attention to something she did in the basement box that was laced with blood.  I immediately got on the internet and did some research and then I called the vet who confirmed what I thought.  Apparently if cats strain to eliminate fecal matter, they can burst tiny blood vessels.  Trace amounts of blood in a stool isn't anything to worry about.  I was told to keep an eye on it and if it showed up again, make an appointment.  Two days later I caught her straining in the litter box but only deposited one tiny piece so we pulled out the laxative (salmon flavored) and gave her a strip.  Luckily she loves it.   We actually think Sadie has been constipated.  She didn't poop all day yesterday and she hid under the table skirt almost all day.  She's been with me in the craft room or down at the dining room door most days so not seeing her was unusual.  Today she pooped huge, threw up and ate all her breakfast as well as some treats.  She's been out and about, right now she's in my craft room on the window ledge; she followed me to the family room while I folded clothes and back up here again.  We are going to give her a maintenance dose every three days and just keep an eye on her.  If we still have trouble, then it's off to the vet.

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