Sunday, February 15, 2015

Come in out of the cold....

Having a super territorial cat can be a problem.  When the local strays sit on the deck and stare at her through the sliding glass door she tends to get pretty upset.  So last night in 2 degree weather, when the motion activated light on the deck came on, she ran to see what was what.  There, shivering, was an orange cat looking in at the warm.  In spite of the fact we knew our cats would go ballistic, we could not leave him outside in those temperatures.  So, I stepped outside and picked him up.  He immediately clung to me purring loudly.  We couldn't let him down in the house so we put him in the gated laundry room (Sassy's lock up room) with food, water and a litter box.  We quickly discovered he was a jumper, up on the sink and then to the gate where he just climbed me.  He's the lap cat I was looking for when I discovered Sassy and Sadie.  What a love.  We finally equipped the spare bedroom with all the necessities and locked him in there for the night.  We got on our neighborhood facebook and found someone who recently lost their cat and wanted him.  After being assured that he would be an indoor cat, we made plans for him to be picked up today.

Doesn't he look like Morris?  If our cats weren't so nuts, we'd keep him.  Sassy spent last night running around the living room jumping in the air every time she heard a tiny noise.  She was locked up last night right next door but used her litter box and got out of lock up early this morning.  She's still pretty freaked.  Sadie isn't paying a lot of attention but we attribute that to the drugs. 

I just did a walk-about to check on the cats.  Sassy is asleep in the master bedroom window and Sadie is sleeping in the hall outside my craft room.  Neither one is paying any attention to "Morris".  So...  Update after he's picked up.

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