Friday, February 27, 2015

Another journey...

The last two weeks have been up and down.  After several accidents, Sassy was on lock down again for a week.  Since she only pooped once a day and that was at night, locking her up until she pooped was the easiest thing to do.  Then she changed her schedule to early evening so did a few more accidents and did nothing when we locked her up.  One day last weekend she finally started using the box in the living room that I placed next to the window (there are three in there now).  She's used the box faithfully since then.  Another good night last night.  But Wednesday night we think Sadie made a mess (it would be the first we think she's made except for peeing).  Carl has been slipping her a small amount of laxative in her food every other day.  She has been depositing one small drop in a box and another small drop in a different box several times a day.  She eats well and she's ten pounds so she should be expelling more than she does.  We tried the laxative to see if maybe she was bound up.  Wednesday night there was a mess next to the box and one in the window box which was clearly belonged to Sassy, so we attribute the mess on the carpet to Sadie.  Perhaps she's on her way to being regular.

We have been talking about weaning Sadie off of the medication again.  She's been on it daily since early November.  We're going to try every other day and see how that works.  If we don't see any marking we'll wait a while and reduce another day - a pill every third day. 

In an unrelated story, one of the local strays made an appearance Wednesday night on the deck.  Sassy tried to go through the glass after it.  The noise she was making actually scared me.  Unlike last time, we did not bring this cat in.  The cat we invited into our house on  February 15th has been diagnosed with feline aids which, I understand, is transmitted through blood and saliva.  Since our cats were never in contact with "Morris", they are safe.  Morris lived in our spare bedroom with his own food, water and litter box, everything went out to the garage after he was picked up by Bill and Sandy.  Sandy called us with the diagnosis for which there is no cure just to alert us.  Apparently, just like people aids, feline aids compromises the immune system leaving cats vulnerable to other problems.  They can live long and happy lives, so Sandy and Bill decided not to put him down (he is such a love) and as I write, he's at the vet being neutered and having his claws taken out so he doesn't scratch their other cat.  We made the decision not to remove Sadie's claws because I think it's a barbaric thing to do but they need to do what they feel is right for their household.  Just keeping him is an act of kindness.  If ever a cat was made for love, it was "Morris".

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