Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wildlife update...

Yesterday was glorious. Temps in the mid 70's, the sky was bluer than Paul Newman's eyes, the breeze swept through the house filling it with fragrance. I was sitting at the computer this morning checking my e-mail when a movement out the window caught my eye and my breath stopped. There was a doe in our side yard with twins. They still had spots and long gangly legs and were just the cutest things. On the spot I forgave all the deer for eating my phlox, balloon flowers, Asiatic lilies, zinnias, viburnum and clematis this year.

And....there are now three bluebird eggs. As I was checking the box, dad flew down from the TV antenna and divebombed me. Bluebirds are usually pacifists but every once in a while you get an agressive one. I once saw a male bluebird wrestle a brown-headed cowbird that made the mistake of landing on the bluebird house. He hit the cowbird, knocked him into the honeysuckle and all I saw was the honeysuckle moving while they were thrashing around.

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  1. I'm so glad I found your blog - you are sooooooooooo creative. Love-love-love your cards.
    This one is so super cute too!!!