Thursday, November 11, 2010


Saying that the last few days in Central Illinois have been beautiful is like saying Tom Selleck is OK looking. We all know that Tom Selleck is a stone fox, too hot to handle. I've been a fan since his first western, ironically, I never watched Magnum, thought it was cheesy. But when I saw him in the Sacketts, based on novels by Louis Lamour, it was love at first sight. Of course, I loved him in Lassiter and then High Road to China. Quiqley Down Under is my all time favorite Tom Selleck movie with Her Alibi a close second. Do you have a favorite Tom Selleck movie and are you watching him in Blue Bloods (I haven't missed an episode).

Things I wonder: Have you seen the Glade commercial? You know the one - the lady smells the wonderful fragrance of the glade and is immediately transported into a meadow where she dances in her June Cleaver dress? She's surprised by the applause of her husband who found her dancing in her living room in front of the Glade dispenser, whereupon she blushes at being caught. I wonder why her husband didn't have her committed, my husband certainly would have if he came home and found me dancing by myself in our living room. And I wonder why commercials are so far removed from our everyday reality. To tell the truth, now in the back of my mind, I believe smelling Glade makes you hallucinate, and probably would be discouraged from throwing it into my grocery cart.


  1. Mmm mmm, God had fun making Tom Selleck. It looks like you had as much fun making this little darlin'. Beautiful shading!

  2. If you ever find me dancing like that, just leave me be. I'll come back when I'm ready.

  3. Love your card - but I love your "things I wonder" segments so much! They always make me laugh! Thanks! Hugs,Wini

  4. Lovely card Cindy!
    Love the frame and the Silent Night music behind Tilda. she is colored lovely. Very soft.
    cute flowers.
    Now I have to say that I have my Tom selleck at home. (well that's what I think anyway hehe)
    Hugs Maz