Monday, November 29, 2010

Square Treat Box Tutorial

This is only my second tutorial and the first one, masking, was pretty basic, so please don't make fun of me. This box is really very easy. You start with one 5" x 5" piece of cardstock; score it at one inch all the way around.
Cut four corners up to the score line as shown below; fold all score lines.
Add double sticky tape to the one inch tabs on the outside and fold into the box adhering securely.

Finished box.
Using the largest square, cut 4 squares from the Spellbinder Classic Squares Large set, emboss 2 only. Using the largest square from the Spellbinder Class Squares Small set, cut one square from patterned paper and emboss.
Adhere 1 unembossed square to the bottom of one embossed square, twice. Add patterned paper to the top of one embossed square.
Cut one 3" x 3" hinge and score at the 1" and 2" mark. Fold on score marks. Cut one tag from a Spellbinder tag set. Score at the midpoint and fold.
Add double sticky tape to the outside top and bottom inch of the hinge, leaving the center strip free of adhesive. Turn the plain paper square upside down so the embossed area is on the bottom. Line up a quilting ruler to mark off 1/4" of the square. Eyeball the hinge, placing it against the ruler and 1/4" from each side. Press down firmly.

Add double sticky tape to the inside of the hinge, covering the 1" strip and snug the box into the hinge matching the sides. Lay the tag against the front of the box with the scored line on the top of the box (this part will be adhered to the cover). Mark the hole in the tag on the box. Punch the hole in the front of the box with a 1/8" hole punch. Flatten the hinge so it lays on top of the box. Tip the box up on it's side and press the left side of the box bottom against a ruler or the side of your score pal. Press your lid against the same ruler or score pal on the left side and press the two pieces together. This will ensure your pieces match.

Add double sticky tape to the bottom of the box and adhere it to the bottom square.
Your box now has a lid.
Put double sticky tape on the top of the tag and position it on the edge of the box as shown using removable double sticky tape and matching the holes. Close the lid and press, open the lid and secure firmly.Take a 5" piece of 3mm tape and fold it over a toothpick. Insert the ends of the ribbon into the 1/8" hole. Leaving an 1/8" free on the inside, add 3mm scoretape to the inside of the ribbon and fold it together. Add scoretape to the underside of the ribbon and adhere to the inside of the box.
At this point, you can remove the toothpick and color it to match your box. I used my copics for this, they work great. You can also cut a piece of patterned paper 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" to cover the inside bottom of your box. Add candy, place the tab over the ribbon, pull the ribbon through the hole in the tab with the toothpick and insert the toothpick into the ribbon. Decorated toothpicks from places like Cracker Barrel would look good with this box.

Decorate as you wish on the outside. This stamp is from Lili of the Valley and the box is for a friend who is retiring soon.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with me, I'm new at this so something might not make sense. These little boxes can be used for treats or gift certificates. A gift card will not fit.


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