Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reduce, reuse, recycle...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Have you ever had something in the dishwasher that you needed but the dishwasher wasn't full enough to run yet? And everyone in my house knows just how I feel about putting my hands in soapy water (these hands create art!) lol. I've found if you look around, you can fill it with things that need washing but you haven't thought about putting in your dishwasher. We have detachable shelves on our fridge door. All of our food is clean, how the shelves get grunged up is a question I'd like to have answered. I can move the shelved items to a large shelf in the fridge, pull off the door shelves and add them to the dishwasher. Do you wash your combs and brushes in the dishwasher? I do. Vases, your coffee pot (assuming it's from a drip coffee maker), your soap dishes and soap dispensers from the bathroom, some bird feeders, your plastic garden shoes. Some people would say yuch! Not in my dishwasher! But that's what it's for, to clean stuff. I just have more stuff than dishes.


  1. Please let me know next time you wash your gardening shoes. I'll bring clean dishes for lunch and dessert on Tuesdays!!

    Do you at least run a short bleach cycle after the shoes??

  2. Totally. I put our toothbrushes in there sometimes, and the small garbage cans from around the house. What, wash those things by hand? Pish posh!! Heck the dishwasher will sterilize these things...as long as it doesn't melt them. LOL