Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cabinet style...

Also, thanks so much for all the kitchen remodel encouragement. Our latest update is I have picked the cabinets I like for the blank wall. The color is canvas, something between a white and a cream, the door design is one inset panel with an arch on top and the cabinets are by Kraft Maid. In the layout, we have two 9" base spice racks, two 30" base cabinets with roll out trays specifically made for heavy items like pots and pans, crockpots, blenders, electric skillets, etc. and two 30" top cabinets. Tonight we have an appointment with the 'refacers' for an estimate. If possible, we would like our old cabinets to match the new cabinets. I'm hoping the sample of the new cabinet finish will arrive today. The new cabinet color will brighten up my kitchen a 100%. We also bought samples of the backsplash I want. It consists of 1" square, 4.75" square and 2"x4" glass tiles in a watery blue color that amazingly is the exact color of our cat's eyes. Until we find out about the cabinets, the hunt for countertops, lights and flooring is postponed, We understand the new cabinets will take a month to order and must be installed before our old cabinets can be refaced. Refacing consists of removing the doors and hardware, sanding, applying a veneer with heat and adding new doors. We understand it saves a lot of money over new cabinets and since our cabinets are not in bad shape, we think it's the way to go. Will let you know how it works out.

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