Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kitchen Update...

Kitchen Update: We have now ordered our countertop. It's a quartz called "reflections". For you Copic users, it's C01 with tiny flecks of a mirror-like substance and recycled glass that's BG10, BG13, BG23. It also contains some C02 chips. When the sun hits this surface, it will shimmer and sparkle. We get very little sun in our kitchen. In the winter the sun doesn't shine in the single window and in the summer when the sun's arc is right, the River Birch blocks it. So, we pretty much have to rely on artificial lighting. We also selected a new sink and faucet (one of the new faucets with the sprayer actually part of the faucet instead of separate). Who would have thought the faucet would be more expensive than the sink which is double - 1 large, deep tub and one less deep and much smaller tub. The large tub has a nice arc on the side of it which will go beautifully with the arc on our cabinet doors. We stopped at the cabinet maker's and selected our hardware for the drawers and doors. It's a very simple, clean-lined handle in brushed nickel, small for the drawers and larger for the doors. Next stop will be flooring and I'm leaning toward a sand colored bamboo or ceramic tile to go with the ocean colored backsplash. Paint color will be BG10. I even found a picture I really like at Cracker Barrel of all places that has my BG and sand tones in it.


  1. HA HA!! Your card is adorable, C2! Congrats on the kitchen updates!

  2. Your new kitchen is sounding like a dream kitchen. I'm a Prismacolor marker user, so had to Google the Copic colors. Nice colors.

    Your card is darling! I like how you picked up the pattern of the turtle shell in your paper and embossing. I had to Google to find out what an Action Wobble was too. lol Found a great video. They look like so much fun.

  3. Super Cute Card. I am a new follower of your blog and love to invite you to my blog for a give away. Enter @