Monday, April 7, 2014

A switch was flipped...

Carl and I traveled to Memphis for a week the end of March.  Our usual sitter, Tiffany, visited the cats every day to feed and scoop litter.  She cleaned up several messes but we expected that.  Sassy shows her displeasure with us by missing the litter box on purpose.  Someone had the runs while we were gone so we had to get out the carpet cleaner and clean up.  We didn't have any problems until this morning when we found another little mess (easily cleaned up) in front of the bar.  What is weird is the difference in the cats.  Sassy is 100% more playful than she was before we left.  She follows me into the craft room (which she avoided before we left), she plays on my desk and in the window seat.  She plays with all her toys in the family room.  She even ventures into our bedroom, something she hasn't done in so long we can't remember the last time.

Sadie has come out of the bedroom, spending time in all parts of the house.  She's laying in the family room window again, she hasn't done that for a long time.  She's eating a lot less these days, we're having trouble getting her pill in her; it seems she would rather have the Iams dry food than the Little Friskies wet food.  So, we give her a tablespoon of wet food each day and the pill every other day.

They sit next to each other, neither cat runs when the other passes by.

If feels like we have two different cats with the same color as the ones we left.

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