Friday, April 11, 2014

Windows are open....

The weather has been tolerable the last few days.  We divided the window seat in the bay window into to parts, we added plants to the center and gave each cat a window of their very own.  Sassy is spending more time in the window in my room, Sadie has been in the bay window or in the cat tree by the deck.  No messes since the last report.  We are still planning on getting a harness for Sadie to see if she would like to go for walks.

We have workmen coming the last week of April to redesign our pond.  We have also ordered new furniture for our gazebo and after the gazebo gets a thorough cleaning next week, we will introduce Sadie to it.  Sassy has already been in the gazebo.  We will need to pick up a covered litter box to keep in the gazebo and eventually I will have both girls out there while I read. 

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