Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sadie is off the pill...

I'm not sure what's going on around here but we're getting used to it really quickly.  No messes.  Sassy is so much more playful than she's ever been.  She races through the house chasing dust until she collapses for a nap.  Sadie has discovered the pill in the capsule and no matter how you hide it, she eats around and under it.  She can clean a dish and leave nothing but the capsule.  After missing 3 doses in six days, we've given up.  We haven't noticed any additional aggression other than her usual crappy moods.  Yesterday morning they shocked me.  Sassy was in my craft room on the window seat and far to the left.  Sadie jumped up on the right, looked at Sassy, gave a hiss and then settled down.  Half an hour later they were both still there.

We have lots of birds that come to the tiny feeder hooked to my craft room window.  A pair of house finches come daily, a pair of cardinals and lots of chickadees and titmice show up so the cats have plenty of activity in the window to watch.  Carl has replaced the screen with the pet screen and so far there have been no snags.  It isn't quite as easy to see through as the normal vinyl screen that used to be there, it's much darker and thicker than the old stuff so it looks blurry.  I won't mind so much if the screen can't be destroyed.

Sadie woke us up this morning by doing laps around the edge of the bed.  Over the pillows, down the side, across the end, up the side, and across the pillows, and around and around.  She must have been starving because she practically ate her bowl.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed but we've been here before.  It would be heaven if it kept up.

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