Tuesday, April 29, 2014

From this window - 4/29/14...

It's been raining for days and I've got cabin fever.  During a break in the rain today I took a walk around our property.  We have a flower bed we're going to let go back to grass as soon as the good plants are removed.  Some haven't come up yet so we're watching for signs of them.  I ventured into the 'forest' behind our house to look for the owl.  There's a method to looking for wildlife.  Sometimes instead of going to them, you stop and let them come to you.  Although I didn't see the owl, I did find a potential nest for a white crowned sparrow (that would be a first for me) and I did find a dove's nest and a robin's nest, both in the spruce trees on the north of our property.  And both low enough for photos in the future.

Work on the pond hasn't started.  It's hard to carve a pond out of mud so we'll need several days of drying before they can actually work on it.  It doesn't help that we're really anxious to get it in.  This morning I found a pair of American Toads mating which means that somehow we will have to scoop as many of the eggs out as we can and put them in a tub.  We wouldn't want to lose a generation of toads because the pond is going to be destroyed.  There are also several tree frogs wedged into the cracks in the pond where you couldn't dig them out with a spoon.  It will be interesting to see how the guys handle that.  I haven't seen any sign of my lotus sprouting yet and that will be fun watching them get that out of the pond.  It's in a pot about the size of a laundry basket and filled with mud.  It's huge and heavy and dirty.  I surely hope it survived the winter.  I hope this weather breaks pretty soon so we can start enjoying all the work we've put into our landscape.

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