Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping - Forget anyone?...

I have lots of 'support' people in my life. When I was an Administrative Assistant (which means 'gopher' in corporate speak - go fer copies, go fer supplies...) I learned very early that you take great care of the people who take care of you. When there was only 1 of something left in the supply room, two people wanted it, and I was one of them - I ALWAYS got it. That's because I regularly bought Pat coffee, remembered him at Christmas, sent candy in an interplant envelope every once in a while and made sure that he always knew how grateful I was for his help. He made me look good when my boss said "go get me...." whatever and I always came back with one. I remembered our mail person's birthday, and her granddaughter's birthday. Karissa was important to her, so she became important to me. To be an effective leader, you need to find out what motivates your people. It isn't the same for everyone. One person may be ecstatic to get a pat on the back in public so everyone knows that you think they did an exceptional job. Someone else may want a quiet word of thanks or a plate of fudge. I was blessed with terrific IT people (Maddu and Kathy, if you read this, I still love you both), supply and mail people (Jean, I hope you and Karissa have a fabulous Christmas), even the wonderful people who schedule rooms and equipment that I might need at some point in time. So, look around you during this holiday season. Is there someone you haven't thanked for their help this year?

This was my gift for those support people: Erin, who does my hair, she always gets it right, is pleasant and nearly always on time; our paper delivery person who takes the time to push the paper deep into the box so it doesn't get wet from the weather; our post lady - she makes sure packages are out of the weather and always has a smile. The envelope is easy peasy to make: one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, scored at 3.75" and 7.5", fold the right section over the middle section and the left section over the right section. I cut a small indentation with a 1" circle punch but you don't need to do that. I adhered the very top and bottom of the right hand section with a good adhesive. I stamped the outside with a very old Inkadinkado stamp. You could emboss this too, it would be lovely. I stamped the greeting with a JustRite stamp that Cindy sells that was just perfect. I layered it on a spellbinder die, punched the slots on either side, added the ribbon and some jingle bells from Michael's (use your bestest ribbon, it shows you care). This 'belly band' will slide off so you can really bling it up.

On the inside, I added a package of Land O Lakes gourmet hot chocolate (see how wonderfully the stamp tied in?), and a small gift of money. This would also work for a gift card. It takes very little time to make and says "thank you" in a pretty and practical way. So, what are you waiting for? You could have made three of these while you were wasting time reading my ramblings. Happy Holidays.

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