Monday, October 1, 2012

A little of this, a little of that....

Sassy seems more comfortable with us everyday.  She spends a great part of her waking hours in my studio so we've arranged a platform in the window overlooking the bird feeders and that's where she hangs.  When we're in the family room, she's down there playing with the toys that are scattered all over the house.  She has balls, feathers, fuzzies, and the rings that are left when the cap is removed from the milk.

On the potty situation, while not an ideal solution, we have added a cat box to the living room in the spot where she has been going.  If that does the trick, we will purchase a cat box that doesn't look like a cat box and keep it in the living room.  So much easier than cleaning up the mess.  But so far we have only two days since the last mess.  And she has been using the box in the basement, too.  And everyday we fall a little more in love with her.  She follows us to bed at night just long enough to play the "toes wiggling under the covers" game.  And she's developed the habit of following me into my bathroom and jumping into the tub.  Then we play the "fingers in the shower curtain" game.  She likes to hide between the liner and the shower curtain and jump out at me.  She runs and waits for us to chase her.  So, she's part of our lives now, faults and all....

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  1. What a beautiful kitty!! This frame-able!! Your candy box is just too, too cute Cindy!! Thank you for my sweet birthday card...and always thinking of me! You are SUCH a sweetheart! Have a fantastic trip! :)