Friday, October 12, 2012

I don't usually do this but....

In a world where less than stellar service is usually the norm, I'd like to give some credit to people/companies that go above and beyond to make their customers happy.  I have personally purchased from these places and have been really happy dealing with them.

PB Stamps:  If you like Penny Black, PB Stamps is the place to purchase them.  They have almost every stamp produced by PB, even retired stamps and they don't charge exorbitant prices.  I placed an order for two clear sets of stamps on October 9th.  My package mailed on October 10th and I received it today.  PB Stamps is located in Alexandria, Ohio, so admittedly, if you lived in California it would take longer to arrive, but that is the USPS' fault, not John's.  No elaborate web site here, an e-mail with the stamps you want and their SKU numbers will place your order and John can take either credit cards or invoice you with Paypal.

This is one of the Penny Black Bluebell images I've purchased from PB Stamps.

Another great company with wonderful service is Susana's Custom Art and Card Design.  A great source for Memory Box and Poppy Stamp dies, Susana also designs her own dies.  If the shipping is less than you were charged, she refunds the extra.  A huge gripe I have about shipping is a standard fee for something like a Memory Box die.  It weighs next to nothing and fits in an A2 envelope and I've been charged as much as $6.99 for shipping (can you say "PTI"?).  Sometimes I believe that companies make their profit from shipping.  Susana and PB Stamps both charge actual shipping.  Susana also has great service, packages arrive quickly and she carries her own line of stamps (if you like cute monsters, check out her "Complete Oddly Sweet Curiosities Sets").

My third shout-out is to for the wonderful Card Creator Dies.  I can't even begin to count the number of times I've reached for these sets (I have the A and B set).  When I'm in a hurry, I can't be bothered measuring.  And I've yet to find a really great portable cutter that cuts straight every time.  My Cuttlebug sits on a small table right behind me and my Card Creator dies are right next to it.  I often make cards using dark bases and I only decorate the inside if I'm sending it myself.  I prefer to leave the inside blank so my customers can add their own words.  But a dark card base needs a light inside so I use the Card Creator dies to quickly cut a sheet of lightweight paper to insert inside my cards so a message can be written on them.  While I have tons of dies, this set has quickly become my fav.  So, kudos, Cindy.  I'm lucky to be able to say I knew you when.....


  1. C2
    I adore you to the ends of the earth...THANKS for the awesome review and you will ALWAYS BE A TREASURED, LOVED, ADORED friend and I have EVERY card you have every made me and I am SO BLESSED to have your friendship!
    however since you are older you really should be C1 LOL

  2. Susana MagenheimerOctober 12, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    Hi Cindy, I just went over to your Blog and was overwhelmed by your kindness :D

    Thanks for making my day as I wonder if most even notice that I do that :)

    Have a great weekend and again thanks!!!
    Susana Magenheimer

  3. Cindy,

    Thank you so much. I sent this on to Dick.


  4. This is great -- it's always helpful to hear someone's personal experiences when you're shopping online, or anywhere, really! I knew of PB Stamps, but will check the other two out!